Report: Bobby Flay Spiced Things Up With His Assistant (They Banged)

Page Six reports that thrice-wed Bobby Flay—extra virgin? yeah, right!—has been accused of carrying on a three-year-long affair with his assistant, Elyse Tirrell. A close friend says Flay’s estranged wife learned of the affair shortly after Thanksgiving. Flay filed for divorce earlier this month. » 4/19/15 5:10pm Yesterday 5:10pm

ISIS Video Purports to Show Massacre of Ethiopian Christians

The Islamic State released a video on Sunday appearing to show the killing of two groups of Ethiopian Christians captured by ISIS’s Libyan affiliates, the Guardian reports. The 29-minute-long video shows a group of around 15 men being beheaded in one location and another 15 being shot in the head elsewhere. » 4/19/15 10:17am Yesterday 10:17am